EBay Donations

We will gladly accept SMALL items new or gently used that can be sold to the public via EBay.  You will be provided with a receipt for the value of the charitable deduction as Grateful Paws is a non-profit 501(c)(3).  Once a donation is made to Grateful Paws your involvement will be finished - we research and decide the appropriate price for auction, we arrange the sale, we arrange the shipping, we arrange payment.  We will sell the items to the highest bidder as sentimental value cannot be reflected in the price, nor will what you paid.  Your donations are priced to sell to the highest bidder which is the best way to maximize your donation to benefit Grateful Paws.  Under no circumstances can your donated item be returned to you - once the donation is made consider it sold!  If your item cannot be sold via EBay for any reason we will donate to a more suitable charity, I.e. Salvation Army or Goodwill.  As mentioned, once the donation to Grateful Paws is made, your involvement is completed and the item will be auctioned, sold, donated or discarded as we deem necessary.  Rest assured that we try and sell every item, even if only a few dollars is received.


Please be cognizant of what can be resold - we are not interested in a 30 year old couch.  We are happy to care for a three legged animal but do not want three legged tables.  We also do not have unlimited storage anywhere, so please keep that in mind that we cannot hold bulky items, nor do we want to deal with shipping them.  We also reserve the right to decline any item if it is too large or damaged.  We have been successful with the following types of items
  • Jewelry
  • Crystal
  • China
  • Small Electronics
  • Cell Phones
  • Small Collectibles
  • Sealed/Unused Cosmetics or Perfumes (even samples)
  • Purses
  • New/Unused Bath Towels & Bedroom Linens
  • Miscellaneous