We understand that not everyone can adopt or foster a pet.  Not to worry there are SO many other ways that you can lend a hand.  If you have the ability to help in any of the ways listed below or if you have other services you'd like to offer, please contact us! jmilbyer@gmail.com or Call Jan 954-579-3753

Transport  - Many hands make the load much lighter.  We can always use an extra set of hands to run a dog/cat to/from the vet or an event.  It is a couple hours a week and you are surrounded by animal loving people.


Administrative - We are always trying to keep up with administrative tasks like maintaining our mail distribution lists.  It is hard to do it all, and what it boils down to is, the animals are the first priority.  Unfortunately that means our administrative tasks often fall behind.


Work Events -  If you can, come and join us at our events and talk to prospective donors and adoptive parents.  We ALWAYS need more people to help man the tables so that everyone gets to take a break during the day, and also so sometimes our volunteers could get a "day off".


Host a Fundraiser - You can organize it yourself with your co-workers or friends, we will provide receipts for all donations for tax deductions.  Click HERE for more information


Grooming Services - If you are a licensed groomer and would like to donate your services we can always use it.  Sometimes we get animals that are pretty matted and in bad need of grooming services.


Become a Business Sponsor - Your company can help as well.  Donate items that can be auctioned.  Match donations that your employees make to Grateful Paws.  Match donations that your customers make to Grateful Paws.  Allow your people to dress casually for a day if they make a donation.  Make a donation on your employee's birthdays.  You can also just write a check. Offer us free or discounted services if you provide services that the dogs or cats could use.  Be creative, some of our best fundraising ideas have come from our sponsors.  Click HERE for more information.