Be A Foster Parent

We Provide It All

Our foster parents pay nothing, unless they choose, but our foster parents are not obliged to pay for anything.  Only their home and loving care is needed. We absolutely are against housing an animal in a kennel for any length of time.  Doing so would hinder our ability to adopt him or her into a new home.  Cages easily make a once friendly dog, cage or dog aggressive which is difficult & costly to un-do.  In a kennel, we do not know whether they are housebroken, destructive when left alone in a home, whether they like kids, cats, people in general or other dogs.  When they are in a home, we know. And because we can give you a history of the pet, we are able to get them adopted sooner, which in turn, means we can help another animal in need.   Not to mention it also saves us from paying a boarding fee.  Sure, while our animal is with you, we pay for the food and heartworm prevention and such, but that is far less than what we would be paying to board them.

We Need You

We depend on people like you. Our ability to help that next animal-in-need depends on whether we have a temporary home for the animal while we are looking for a new forever home .


Our foster parents pay for nothing, unless they choose.  We are a Not for profit, 501(c)(3) organization so everything you provide on behalf of our pets can be a tax deduction on your income taxes, plus...time spent helping our pets counts toward COMMUNITY SERVICE or SCHOOL HOURS!


We provide or pay for the crate, baby-gate, food, HeartGuard and Frontline, and any necessary vet visits that may be required.  Our pets are thoroughly vetted before they come to you, so your own pet will not be subjected to anything harmful.  As a foster parent, all we ask of you is a kind hand, a little patience and a loving home while we search for a forever home for this one.


OUR VET SERVICES ARE NOT FREE!  Most folks don't understand how rescue groups work and are under the impression that this is what we do full time -- and that we get our vet services for free.  WRONG on both counts!  We are not funded by anyone!  We all work full-time jobs during the work week and we rely entirely on DONATIONS from people like you.  And just so you know, none of us get paid for our time - we do all this stuff for FREE!


We work with some wonderful Veterinarians in the area who ensure that our animals are thoroughly examined, brought current on shots, spayed or neutered, micro-chipped and treated for whatever might ail them.  They help out when they can, but they need to make a living!  Our primary Vet is Dr. Alicia Grasso at Hollywood Animal Hospital.